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TF313 Double Head
Patented Sensor
1• Sealed ABS plastic case. The pumps ability to dissipate heat extends the life of the pump and the tube.
2• Water is pumped through the tube and not through the pump- no cross contamination
3• Tough lightweight plastic casing totally encloses the motor.
4• Push fit tube connections eliminates the need for circlips and fasteners
The pump will handle fibrously contaminated water
5• Fully sprung rollers for smooth long life running.
Motor turns rollers at 30/60 revolutions per minute
6• Clear polycarbonate cover - simply lifts up for access to parts
The TF 30/60 represents tremendous strides forward in peristaltic action pump technology. The new design dispenses with heavy cast components, many of the nuts, screws, circlips and fiddly fastenings normally associated with these pumps and the cumbersome noisy fan. This makes the TF 30/60 much lighter, almost silent running and much smaller than comparable units. The TF 30/60 may be small in size but it is powerful in performance and capable of doing a big job in a variety of applications. The development of an electronic sensor as part of the pump gives TF Pumps a unique product based upon the advantage of existing and new technology. The TF 30/60 is the result of considerable consultation with engineers and recognition of the market potential for a totally reliable pump.

Compact size: 148mm length x 100mm width x 50mm depth
Capacity: 2.5L/hr
suction lift: 2 metres plus
Discharge head (see chart)
Pumping cycle: Run to completion
240 volt system with PCB to reduce power to 12 volts for safety

compact size: 148mm length x 100mm width x 50 depth
Capacity: 5.6L/hr
suction lift: 2 metres plus
Discharge Head (see chart)
Pumping cycle: Run to completion
240 volt system with PCB to reduce power to 12 volts for safety.
Only requires 240v supply
Self priming
no siphoning back
pumps fibrousley contaminated water
1min overrun to ensure water removal
The TF60TP is a peristaltic pump combined with a drain tank of 1.5 Lt capacity containing a solid state liquid level sensor. The pump is not affected by water borne contaminants and will run in a dry state without any damage to the pump. It is capable of pumping at a rate of 5.8 Lt/hr @ up to 6m head.
Overall dimensions: height 170 mm, width 220 mm, depth 150 mm
Flow rates
lift in metres
(at 2 metres suction)

TF 313/S This is one of a range of reliable peristaltic condensate pumps for the Air conditioning and refrigeration industry. It is ideal for aggressive, shear sensitive and fibreously contaminated fluids. It is capable of outputs up to 15 Lt per hour (depending upon pump tube size). The pump is controlled by a solid state sensor allowing use in many differing situations. The pump can handle condensate from a/c units units up to 13 kW plus (depending upon pump tube size). The TF313/S is of a new design that dispenses with many of the nuts, screws, circlips and fiddly fastenings normally associated normally with condensate pumps. This, combined with the almost silent running, makes the TF313/S capable of dealing with almost and situation in both the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. The external condensate tubing is a simple push fit onto the connectors thus eliminating tube clips or ties.
Nominal flow rates
Pump Tube Bore
Lt./ hr
4.8 mm
6.4 mm
8.0 mm
TF313 Single Head

TF313 Double Head

Patented sensor simple sensor 28mm x 9mm dia. activates the pump cycle whenever water is present in the tray.
Small size suits all sizes of tray or sump from small to large
sensitive to the smallest amounts of moisture
Totally reliable sensor design - well proven in application