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Fail-safe systems
Water leakage is the Engineers nightmare, costly to both the customer and the industry. We have designed both a failsafe system for our range of pumps and a unique water detection system for use in new and existing air conditioning stystems.
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TFFS pump

The new TPFS pump represents a leap forward in the field of peristaltic pumping technology for air conditioning condensate pumps; it is the first fully intelligent pumping system.

Using an array of electronic sensors this pump is not only capable of removing the condensate output of an A/C unit in the normal manner, but can also turn off the unit when the level of condensate reaches a dangerous level. When the pump has removed the condensate the pump controller, to allow for normal operation, switches on the unit again. The pump also has a sensor to detect when a pump tube splits, which then shuts down the A/C unit and operates a small LED to signify that the tube requires changing.

Under normal operating conditions this pumping system will operate without intervention, apart from routine maintenance, from any engineer.

Installation of this system is simplicity itself; the pump requires a single phase 240v supply connected to the power in cable. The tray sensor is placed in the bottom of the condensate tray to operate the system in the normal manner. The overflow sensor is attached to the top of the condensate tray to operate the water overflow failsafe system. The LED for the pump tube failure sensor is placed in an appropriate location. The power out cable is connected to a suitable relay to operate the A/C unit (Only if the starting current of the unit is less than 5 amps can the power out cable be connected directly to the A/C unit).
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